Why your business needs a Domain

Taking your business online is now a necessity to keep up with the competition. To do that, you'll need a domain name. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, then look at buying a generic domain name for your business.

A domain name is the first step to building your business online. It can determine your entire online branding campaign and is the first place people will look to find your business on the Internet. Purchasing a domain name is a small investment for the returns you will experience.

Your business website will be built on your domain name. When you promote your website, your domain will be printed on your stationary and business card. Your email address will contain your domain name. It's for these reasons you need to choose a good domain name.

If you're not convinced your business will benefit from purchasing a domain name, here's 6 reasons:

1. A domain reflecting your business purpose or name portrays a more professional image than a free domain such as http://users.freedomain.com/~mybusiness.

2. Allows your business to be found (and remembered) easily by customers.

3. A website built on your business domain will be eligible for listing in major directories such as Yahoo and Google.

4. Your own domain will help you get included in search engines.

5. Trust is a major issue on the Internet, securing your business a domain name will ensure that a degree of trust is established instantly with your visitors.

6. A unique domain name for your online business increases brand awareness of your product to a global audience.

So far, we've referred to brandable domain names for your business, these are domains that are unique and usually reflect the name of your offline business. For example, Fran's Florist is a florist who delivers red roses around the world.

Fran decides they need an online presence. After reading this article, she decides the best domain to purchase is fransflorist.com. She's right. But what Fran doesn't know yet, is the potential that a generic domain has for the success of her online business.

Generic Domains

An alternative (or additional) domain to consider for your online business is a generic domain. While brandable domains are unique to your business, generic domain names are representative of entire industries, or services. For example, cheapmanchester.com or tvrepairs.com.

When you purchase a generic domain to build your website on, you are aligning your business as the leader of your industry or service. Generic domains are also a source of type-in traffic, or "direct navigation" traffic.

Research from September 2004 showed that more than 67% of daily global Internet users arrive at websites through "direct navigation" using their browser. Direct navigation is defined as typing a URL (domain name) into a browser address bar or using a bookmark. (Source: WebSideStory, Inc.'s StatMarket division.)

Register Today

Fran can see the opportunities available in generic domain names. Her specialty is delivering red roses and she immediately registers redrosedelivery.com.

Remember, if your business website has not yet been developed, you still need to register your domain as quickly as possible. Your registered domain will allow you to set up email addresses and is a vital step in the professional development of your online business.

To recap:

- Building your website on a generic domain gives the impression of being an industry or service leader.

- Generic domains provide free targeted traffic from type-ins.

- Even if you haven't developed your business website, it is a good idea to register your domain today.

You can use this tool - http://whois.fabulous.com to check if your domain is available. When you are happy with the domain you wish to register and it is available, it is important to register it as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the chances of missing out increase.